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Commercial Law

Our uncomplicated legal services are available for a wide range of commercial needs in New South Wales, including starting up a business, employment matters and advice, debt recovery, contracts and deeds, commercial and retail leases, loan agreements and many more.
Our principal solicitor, Jason, is particularly interested in protecting the interests of start-ups and small businesses by ensuring that they have strong legal foundations to eliminate undesirable risk. At Jace Legal, we strive to ensure that your commercial needs are met in a hassle-free way so that you have the peace of mind to stay focused on looking after what matters to you.

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Legal Advisory

Commercial Lease review and negotiation 

$900 ex GST

Termination of employment advice

From $400 ex GST

Employment-related advice

From $400 ex GST

Privacy law advice

From $350 ex GST

Disclaimers and liability waiver advice

From $350 ex GST

Express contract review and advice

$350 ex GST

Legal Documentation

Draft a Commercial Lease and negotiation

$900 ex GST

Draft an Employment Contract

$400 ex GST

Draft a Contractor Agreement 

$400 ex GST

Draft a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

$400 ex GST

Draft a Services Agreement

$500 ex GST

Company Registration

$900 ex GST

Partnership Agreement

$900 ex GST

Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

$350 ex GST each

Additional services are available upon request at a fixed-fee.

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